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  • ✓ Sequencing order: pActin5C and KFV1 vectors

Sequencing order
> Plasmid/ primer:

  1. pActin5C/ pA5CseqF3: good
  2. pActin5C/ pA5CseqF4: good
  3. pActin5C/ pA5CseqR3: good
  4. pActin5C/ pA5CseqR4: good
  5. KFV1/ pA5CseqF3: good
  6. KFV1/ pA5CseqF4: good
  7. KFV1/ pA5CseqR3: good
  8. KFV1/ pA5CseqR4: good

--> Success! All sequencing primers work. KFV1 pActin5C + microMCS is ready to use.