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  • Cultures: RFP1, Banana, GFP3 (5 mL)
  • Streak plate: RFP/GFP/none for Vikram

> DH5α Turbo: no red color from RFP1 (?)
> Set up 2 mL cultures for mini preps anyway (probably poor expression)
--> Note: confirmed that DH5α Turbo (NEB Turbo) is a LacIq expressing strain. Use NEB10B for expression.
> C2925: no visible colonies; return to 37 °C
> GFP4: got streak plate from Kylie; use to set up 5 mL culture

Streak Plate
> NEB10B transformants: RFP1, GFP4, and Banana (FP-); Vikram will use these to demo emission filters for BME194
> Set up 1 mL liquid cultures for these bacteria in 1.5 mL tubes for "painting" ASU logo on agar