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  1. Select two PVOH (MW 22K) films previously made for crosslinking film analysis
  2. Select, conduct, and test the solubility of a PVOH film w/ solid and liquid acid deviations

(PVOH MW 22K w/ H3PO4 and 15% Maleic Acid)

Crosslinking PVOH Films

  • Select two PVOH (MW 22K) films for crosslinking analysis

PVOH (MW 22K) H3PO4 and 15% Maleic Acid

PVOH (MW 22K) H3PO4 and 15% Succinic Acid

  • Weigh out and cut ~ 0.2 grams of each film

PVOH (MW 22K) H3PO4 and 15% Maleic Acid

(Actual Mass = 0.19g)

PVOH (MW 22K) H3PO4 and 15% Succinic Acid

(Actual Mass = 0.13g)

  • Place each film in a metal oven container and label each container
  • Place metal oven containers in the oven set at ~ 120°C
  • Allow each film to sit in the oven for ~ 45 minutes

Solubility Testing PVOH Films

  • Select the PVOH (MW 22K) H3PO4 and 15% Maleic Acid film to run solubility / viscosity analysis
  • Weigh out and cut ~ 0.1 grams of the film to dissolve in a 200mL beaker of H2O

(Actual Mass = 0.1023g)

  • Within 200mL beaker, first place a stir bar and the cut film
  • Next over top of the stir bar and cut film, place a porous Buchner funnel top
  • Then add ~ 75mL of H2O into the 200mL beaker
  • Wedge a transfer pipette between the beaker and the Buchner funnel top to limit floating
  • Stir the solution over a stir plate ~ 35 minutes or until the film is completely dissolved
  • Afterwards, test the solubility of the film by running a viscosity analysis of the newly prepared solution
  • Begin testing the viscosity of the sample by pouring ~ 15mL of the solution into the viscometer
  • Using the vacuum pump, suck up the solution until it reaches the top line of the first bulb on the viscometer
  • Once the solution surpasses the second line of the first bulb, begin timing to get a viscosity reading
  • Take three time readings of the solution, then average the time trials

Viscosity Charts and Tables PVOH (MW 22K)

Viscometer Model 2190: (40°C / 100°F - 0.004162 and 100°C / 210°F - 0.004145)

Viscosity of pure H2O

Trial [ ] Time [s]
1 226.29
2 226.69
3 226.57
Average 226.52

Viscosity of PVOH (22K) H3PO4 and 15% Maleic Acid

Trial [ ] Time [s]
1 246.67
2 253.48
3 250.68
Average 250.28


  • PVOH (MW 22K) crosslinked films became more hard and rigid after heating in the oven -- loss of malleability
  • PVOH (MW 22K) crosslinked films also changed color from faintly clear to yellow brown appearance
  • The viscometer previously used for testing was discovered cracked; therefore, a new viscometer was subsequently used