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  1. Select two types of PVOHs for film analysis: IR, DSC, solubility, crosslinking, acid catalyzed dehydration, film comparison, etc.
  2. Create and learn PVOH film making process w/o any deviations

PVOH Film Preparations

Prepared PVOH films in water:

  • In 10mL beaker, weigh out ~ 0.5 grams PVOH (MW 130K)

(Actual Mass = 0.4934g)

  • Then, using a graduated cylinder add ~ 3 mL H2O to the beaker
  • In another 10mL beaker, weigh out ~ 1.0 gram PVOH (MW 130K)

(Actual Mass = 0.9965g)

  • Then, using a graduated cylinder add ~ 5 mL H2O to the beaker
  • Repeat process again to prepare a ~ 1 gram sample of PVOH (MW 22K)

(Actual Mass = 1.0115g)

Standard PVOH Film Protocol:

  • After adding and combining PVOH (MW 22K) and (MW 130K) in small beakers with H2O, add stir bars and prepare to stir solution.
  • On hot plate, stir and heat beaker solutions at 70-80°C for ~ 12 min or until PVOH dissolves.
  • Once PVOH solids thoroughly dissolve in solution, pour each solution in a Teflon dish to sit, cool, and dry in a fume hood for ~ 1 day.


  • An additional 2-3 mL H2O was added to each solution to aid the dissolving of the PVOH
  • Heat was reduced when solutions began to boil too rapidly
  • While transferring solutions to Teflon dishes, loss of sample within the small beakers (sample loss = incomplete sample transfer)