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8 April

Two examples of ostensibly live culture yogurt were obtained from the same store and fridge: Chobani Greek Yogurt (plain, nonfat) and Brown Cow plain (cream top). Both were shaken by hand to mix. 100 µl of 10^3 to 10^7 dilutions of each were plated on nutrient agar and placed in the incubator at 38ºC.


To determine A: if any of these Lactobacillus species will grow on nutrient agar in an aerobic environment, B: rough viable cell counts of each brand/type C: possibly indicate which yogurt will be used to continue the project.


The current plan is to retrieve them Wednesday.


Both yogurts, though more so the Chobani Greek yogurt, were too thick to be properly pipetted. This will have affected the dilutions, unfortunately. If both appear to have significant cell counts, this might indicate that plain yogurts will be simpler to deal with in the future.