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  • Lauren, Andrew, Alondra performed temperature-sensitive growth experiment on two strains.
  • Made fresh YEPD liquid media
  • Worked on MAPPs
  • Took pictures of plates from yesterday
  • Streaked out more strains
  • I finished cross-referencing glycerol stock list with growth experiment list and directed them to streak out strains that had been missed. I made a GenMAPP-compatible version of the growth experiment list and printed out the MAPP for further reference.

To Do

  • Add glycerols that Andy/Alondra made last week to master glycerol spreadsheet
  • Stamp out four more plates of systematic deletion collection
  • Throw away old samples from the -80°C freezer
  • Clean Nalgene carboys from BIOL 478 lab
  • Throw out old plates from the refrigerator
  • Fill shaking water bath in cold room