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August 6th, 2010

1. Run gel to verify PCR made on August 7th.

TestConstructions L2-L4 6Aug2010.JPG

Lanes: 1) Green ladder; 2) L2 RBS-GFP FWD-Suffix REV; 3) L2 Blue Promoter FWD-Suffix REV; 4) L2 Preffix FWD-Suffix REV; 5) L4 RBS-GFP FWD-Suffix REV; 6) L4 Blue Promoter FWD-Suffix REV; 7) L4 Preffix FWD-Suffix REV; 8) GFP BBa_K145015 (74 min) XbaI-PstI resctriction.

  • It seems GFP BBa_K145015 is not well inserted in this two constructions, lanes 2 and 5 should be about 800 bp.