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June 11th, 2010

We don’t have competent cells, so I couldn’t do the transformation with the YFP reporter (for fluorescence assay), GFP reporter and the backbone plasmid (to measure Blue Promoter activity). I’ll have to wait until next wednesday to have competent cells.

With the FP’s that Paz gave me, I have to re-plate them in LB medium (solid or liquid??) to make the fluorescence assay.

The transfomation with the YFP reporter (BBa_K117008), will be used for fluorescence assay too.

The transformation with GFP reporter and with the backbone plasmid will be inoculated in solid and liquid medium to make plasmid extraction. With the extracted plasmid I’ll have to make restrictions and ligate them with the Blue Promoter to test its functionality.

For the Blue Promoter measurement I have to use BBa_I20260, a GFP regulated under the constitutive promoter J23101, as a reference.

1. Look for information about luminiscence assay with Vibrio Fischeri.