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June 10th, 2010

1. Look for more information and properties of the YFP reporter plasmid induced by AI-2 (BBa_K117008). This promoter should be constitutive if placed on a normal genetic background (not in a LuxS mutant strain). In theory we can use it for the fluorescence assay.

2. Look for a reporter vector to ligate the Blue Promoter and test its functionality.

  • I will use the BioBrick Promoter Measurement Kit to test the Blue Promoter.
  • First I need our promoter with EcoRI and SpeI sticky ends, a GFP reporter (BBa_E0240) with XbaI and PstI sticky ends and a backbone plasmid (pSB3K3) with EcoRI and PstI sticky ends.
  • Then I have to ligate the three parts (Blue Promoter, GFP reporter and Backbone plasmid).