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May 6th, 2010

  • We decided to change the reporter plasmid from BBa_E0430 to BBa_K145015 because the second one is well characterized.

1. Transformation with BBa_K145015

  • This biopart is in the 2009 distribution Kit Plate 2, well 2L, resistance Amp. The reporter plasmid was extracted and put in an eppendorf tube marked JRGFP (Jorge Reporter Plasmid GFP), I used 50 ul of competent cells for transformation with BBa_K145015, 25 ul were transformed with plasmid 18 (as a positive control) and 25 ul of competent cells were used as negative control.
  • I used the protocol for transformation described on April 22, 2010.

2. Prepare E. coli K12 strain for genomic DNA extraction.

  • I grown E. coli K12 in 5 ml of liquid LB medium overnigth, tomorrow I’ll make the DNA extraction from this strain.