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Tuesday 22nd June 2010

I’m going to introduce the trpLp promoter into a low copy number plasmid by PCR with a reverse primer containing the promoter primed at the prefix and a forward one primed at the suffix. But currently we don’t have any low copy number plasmid, so I extracted the plasmid pSB4K5 containing an RFP, this plasmid is a low copy number one, with about 5 copies per cell.
I extracted the DNA from the Kit plate 1 of 2009 well 7G using 15 ul of HPLC water, then I performed a heat shock transformation to it, left it grow for one hour in 1 ul of liquid LB shaking in the incubator, posterior I plated it in a petri box of LB with Kanamicyn and left it overnight to grow.