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  • Finalize the setup for both reactant and carrier pumps
  • Attempt forming beads


Setup 9-26.jpg


Problems in design

  • Holes in tubing had been previously sealed with Krazy glue, however ethyl acetate carrier fluid eventually dissolves the glue
    • Epoxy is being used instead of Krazy glue
  • PVA and glutaraldehyde beads are not keeping shape so time spent reacting in tube must be reduced
    • New rates
      • Red pump: 0.01 mL/min
      • Grey pump: 0.02 mL/min
    • New length to correct for previous calculations of Tygon tubing is 101cm

Final Conclusions Need to use old rate to react PVA/Glutaraldehyde for longer (0.05 mL/min and 0.1 mL/min) and longer tubing (501 cm) 20180926 111723.jpg