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The purpose of this lab was to understand the proposed method of PVA bead production and to design and assemble junctions in tubing needed for production.


The main goal of the lab was to find a way to fit peek tubing into a larger-diameter (1/32") piece of Tygon tubing. The Tygon will flow a non-polar solvent, and the peek a PVA mixture. The main challenges: Creating an air-tight junction, inserting peek tubing without tearing Tygon tubing

  • Methods and attempts: cutting Tygon tubing perpendicularly caused the tubing to split and bend. Cutting the tubing parallel to its length proved successful for inserting peek tubing without sharpening, however, the cut was not isolated to the circumference of peek tubing and allowed for too much leakage. Glues used to seal the openings risked leaking into the tubing and obstructing solvent flow as well as being dissolved by non-polar solvents (ethyl acetate). The most successful method for insertion used a paper clip inserted into the tubing parallel to length to allow for a large syringe to accurately pierce into the tubing without puncturing the opposing wall of Tygon tubing.