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ContribsTab is a user script that adds a "Contributions" tab at the top of your screen. It appears only on User and User talk pages, and clicking it will give you the contributions of that user. It also works on subpages of user and talk pages. This script has been tested and appears to work properly on Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It hasn't been tested on any other browsers, but is expected to work in any javascript-capable browser.

To use this script, you must add a line to the javascript file for your current skin. For most users, this will be at your monobook.js file. If you have set a different skin in your preferences, look up the correct filename here: Wikipedia:Skin#Monobook.js

Edit that page, and add this line:


NOTE: If you are using other scripts, such as TWINKLE, the placement of the tab will depend upon the order of the lines in your monobook.js file. If you place the above line before your TWINKLE line, the tab will be to the left of your TWINKLE tabs. If you put it after, it will be to the right.

Please report any questions/comments/bugs to the talk page of this page.

This script was written by Jeremy McCracken, 12 April, 2008.