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Novel Halometabolites from uncultured bacteria

  • Halogenations play a critical role in tuning the activity of small molecules. While halogenations are found in more than 4500 known natural products to date, the exquisite biosynthetic selectivity of this functionalization has only recently been elucidated for several mechanisms. Here we aim to learn more about the role halogenating enzymes have played in natural product chemical evolution by uncovering novel biosynthetic pathways and natural products from the uncultured majority.


  • We are currently targeting two different classes of halogenases in order to recover a diverse range of halometabolites from the eDNA derived cosmid libraries. In our studies, we hope to build libraries of novel halogenase homologues to use in future natural product diversification studies. Little is known about the ecological roles that natural products play in uncultured bacterial communities. We aim to answer this question using a combination of single-cell analysis and statistics in future studies.
  • We are currently focusing on the first portion of this project where we isolate and characterize novel halometabolites from eDNA derived cosmids.
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