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Today we will be taking images of the different treatments in the solutions with fibers and nanoparticles. After this more solutions were made in order to create fibers, extract the supernatant and expose the fibers directly to the treatment. We changed the ratios of the solution to 40:1, 50:1, and 110:1 of Lysozyme-AuNP's, and we made 100:1 BSA-AuNP's


First of all, we created stock solutions of Gold, Lysozyme, and BSA. In Figure 1, all the volumes needed to make the stock solutions are shown. In Figure 2, all the volumes for each ratio to solution are recorded

'Figure 1. Volumes needed to create stock solution'

Imagen 4, Stock solutions conc, Javier Vinals, BSA.png

'Figure 2. Volumes for each different solution and ratio'

Imagen 5, to make AUNP,s of BSA y Lys, JAvier Vin.png

In addition, we took pictures of the different treatments and how they affected the solutions with fibers, depending on the ratio of the solution and the treatment. Here are the Images:









As it can be seen in the images, there are two spots for the 50:1 ratio. This is to note that one solution precipitated fibers, and other one did not precipitate fibers.