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Add diferent solvents and increase the ionic strength to the fiber solutions in order to observe if they break or not.


Solvent Tests

.5 ml of DMF, DMSO, chloroform, 1,4 Dioxane, and acetone were added to a 1ml aliquot of each ratio AuNP we've synthesized.Tubes were vortexed and were allowed to sit until next class.Please note that no immediate change was noticed.

Ionic Strength

Bulk amounts of Sodium chloride, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, and Calcium Chloride were added to each ratio of AuNP's. No specific amount of salt was added because we had the chemical in bulk and if any effect is seen we plan to investigate more with a fine tooth comb. No immediate change was noted. We will reevaluate the aliquots next class.

Random Tests

Because no variables seem to be effecting the breakdown of the fibers it was recommended to see if SDS, sodium dodecyl sulfate, had an effect on the fibers. In addition pepsin was added to see if by digesting the proteins the AuNP's would go back into solution.1 g of SDS was added to each ratio of AuNP's to see if their was an observable effect. A bulk amount of pepsin was added to a single tube of 50:1 AuNP's. We only made one tube of this because in theory the pepsin should chew up the protein on the AuNP's and make the protein loose its function. We just thought if anything should be able to break apart these fibers if the stability is due to the protein it would be pepsin.


We did not observe any changes in the fiber solutions after adding different materials to them, therefore we let them sit for a week. The result that 2,2 Biprydimine had on the fibers was interesting. It made the fibers fall out of solution in a solution were there were only nanoparticles but no fibers present.