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==H3 Staining for Xenopus embryos==

  • I want to count cells in a specific region or place on the embryo of the Xenopus. In order to do that I want stain cells so that I can count. H3 is a histone protein that is involved on chromatin structure. I want use a antibody that is specific for one the histones, the H3,the antibody then is targeting the N-terminal of the H3 histone that goes outside of the nucleosome.
  • H3 protocol

Material: Antibody Rα3. Serine 10, Upstate # 06-570. Antibody is located on Box 1 ( primary antibody).Rabbit needs 2 nd, we have or they have.

Protocol Use antibody Rαh3 at 1/1000. Get the vial from white fridge from adjacent lab and then thaw and get the amount that you need it and then put back. I am going to use this protocol instead of the 12/101. PI after checking the 12/101 staining said that it is ok to use H3 protocol new one with the H3 from Upstate.


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