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Charge to Mass Ratio Lab 10/13/08

Equipment Used

  • (1) Uchida Yoko e/m Experimental Apparatus Model TG-13
  • (1) SOAR DC Power Supply Model PS-3630
  • (1) SOAR DC Power Supply Model 7403
  • (1) Gelman Instrument Company Deluxe Regulated Power Supply (no visible model number)
  • (1) Fluke 111 True RMS Multimeter
  • (2) Amprobe 37XR-A True RMS Multimeters
  • (11) Pomona Electronics Banana Cables


The official lab procedure is on Pages 15-20 of this lab manual.

I connected the appropriate cables to the power supplies, and I connected a voltmeter in series to the Helmholtz coils' power supply. I had difficulty in getting the power supplies to work; they would not register any current, or very low current. Aram showed me that my circuit was not complete, and that I had to turn a current knob on the apparatus to get current to flow. Referring to Alexander T. J. Barron's notebook, Aram and I connected voltmeters to every device in the circuit. I still got odd readings in the high-voltage power supply, so I attempted to hook up a voltmeter to it, but I got a slight shock. I therefore turned the HV power supply off before hooking anything to it.