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Poisson Distribution 10/06/08

SJK 02:06, 1 November 2008 (EDT)
02:06, 1 November 2008 (EDT)
Where are your raw data files? At a minimum, you should say where the data can be found (and show plots of the data versus time), but really what I want you to do is upload the data as excel, text files, or something. Showing the data (counts versus time) would also help understanding of what you're describing about abnormal points.

I collected data for dwell times of 2 s and 4 s.

The data for a 4 s dwell time was unusual in that initially, there were some seemingly abnormal data indicating a much higher count rate than was to be expected. In addition, the computer screen displayed some graphical anomalies, such as blurring letters and a distorted graph. However, this acquisition pass still produced useful data, on which I will conduct some extra analysis. I do not know the causes of either the anomalous data or the graphical problems, but they should not pose a problem for data analysis.

I also collected some data for a dwell time of 8 s. I was not able to collect a full set of data for an 8 s dwell time due to time constraints, however, I did collect a set large enough to perforrm analysis. I encountered more graphical anomalies during data collection, as well as some unusual data close to the end of data collection. I will perform some extra analysis on that data which I was able to collect, similar to what I will do for the 4 s dwell time data.

After the anomalous readings subsided, Boleszek wanted to move the PMT so that he could continue his experiment in a clear area; I permitted him to do so. The effect on final data collection appeared to be negligible.