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Poisson Distribution Lab 10/1/08

The lab procedure is located on Pages 59-60 of this PDF file.


  • (1) Gateway E-4200 computer with
  • --(1) MCA card installed
  • (1) E&G Ortec 4001C NIM BIN connected to
  • --(1) Canberra PAD 814 and
  • --(1) Bertan Associates, Inc. Model 313B HV Power Supply
  • (1) Harshaw NaI(TI) Integral Line® Scintillation Detector, Type 12312
  • (1) Hydra cable
  • (4) BNC cables


With Dr. Koch's assistance, I was able to set up the lab as follows; On the hydra cable coming from the Multi-channel analyzer (MCA) in the computer, the MCS/REJ and SCA terminals are connected to one another with a BNC cable, as directed in the lab manual. A single BNC cable is connected on one end to the MCA, and on the other end to the AMP OUT terminal of the pre-amp/amp/discriminator (PAD). The output of a photomultiplier tube (PMT) with a sodium iodide scintillator is connected to the PREAMP IN terminal of the PAD with a third BNC cable. The input of the PMT is connected to the power output of the HV power supply with a fourth BNC cable.

On the chassis containing the NIM BIN, power supply, and PAD, the following options are set; Power On (NIM BIN and power supply), 500 V NEG (power supply top dial), 500 V (power supply bottom dial), Amp Negative/Preamp In/64X Coarse Gain/10X Fine Gain/3(top)-60(bottom) DISC.