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The objective of today's lab was to use a Fluorescence Assay to determine the rate a 10nM solution of a-chymotrypsin degrades AuNP fiber samples.


7 samples of AuNP fibers were spun down at 300rpm for 10 minutes. These fibers will be used for our 24 hour, 120min, 90min, 60min, and 30min samples. A 1:20 dilution of our stock protease was made in phosphate buffer. We pipetted 20µL of our 38.672µM stock solution of a-chymotrypsin into 350µL phosphate buffer. 5.17µL of diluted a-chymotrypsin (in phosphate buffer) and 994.8µL of phosphate buffer was added to each sample tube and a blank Eppindorf tube (no fibers), making a final solution of 10nM a-chymotrypsin.

To each cuvette, the following was added:

  • 20uL of the blank or sample
  • 140uL of Assay Buffer
  • 40uL of Assay Reagent

A full lab procedure can be found in Nicole Bonan's notebook entry for today

Fluorescence for each sample was measured between the emission spectrum from 400 to 600nm, and the data is recorded below


JMN 11 3 2015 BlankSample Fluorescence.jpg

JMN 11 3 2015 SampleSlope Fluorescence.jpg