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Today's objectives include the following:

  1. Continue gathering test results from the 30% solution bentonite beads
  2. Run UV Vis of the 30% sln bentonite beads
  3. Run DSC on samples
  4. Synthesize 40% bentonite beads


"Testing the 30% sln bentonite beads
The 30% bentonite beads were tested using the same method as that from before.

Uv Vis of the 30% dry bentonite beads
These beads were analyzed via UV Vis using the same procedure as the 10% bentonite beads, from the 28th.

DSC was also run today of the 4 films: 0.5mL of glutaraldehyde + PVA, 1.0mL of glutaraldehyde + PVA, 0.5mL of glutaraldehyde + PVA + clay solution, and 0.5mL of glutaraldehyde + PVA + clay solid.

Synthesis of 40% Bentonite beads
The synthesis of 40% bentonite beads was prepared using the same procedure from the 21st using the following reagents: 33.33mL of 3% by weight bentonite solution, 13.39mL of conc. HCL, 3.28mLs of DI water.