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Log of experiments

  • Ran perfusion experiment on Mice labeled JCM08001-004
  • JCM08002: scan interrupted by full HD, not able to obtain perfusion volume, obtained extra anatomical scan with shim adj to check for artifacts.
  • T1 maps no longer seem to be working, possible issue with volume scaling, will play with reconstructions Saturday.
  • JCM08001: APP Tg mouse 2978 10mths 25g
  • JCM08002: WT mouse 2979 10mths 31g
  • JCM08003: APP mouse 3002 10mths 25g
  • JCM08004: WT Mouse 3001 10mths 31g
  • JCM08004: had to reposition after heating pad came loose, anatomical and perfusion scan not properly registered