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Today's Objective

  • Begin a gel synthesis reaction, removing sodium sulfide while holding all other conditions constant.

Protocol (Sample: JCS 14)

  1. 5 mL of 15.18 mg/mL BSA were prepared (0.0759 g in 5mL of millipore water)
  2. 50 mL of 5.86 mM Mercury(II)Nitrate were prepared (.1056 g of dihydrate in 50mL of millipore water)
    1. 5 mL of this solution were added to the 5mL BSA solution in a round-bottom flask
  3. TWO drops of 1 M NaOH was added to the stirring solution. Test with a pH strip indicated a pH of 9
  4. This began at 1:40 pm. As of right now, the plan is to add 4 ml of water tomorrow after stirring for 24 hrs.

Next Steps

After adding the water and stirring for an additional 15 minutes, the solution will be dried on the rotovap (utilizing a water bath of approximately 40°C). The dried residue will be rehydrated to attempt gel-formation. Any resulting structures will be analyzed via DSC and pXRD.

Samples for DSC and pXRD will be removed and dried using membrane filtration.