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Spring Semester Objectives

This semester will focus on understanding the variables required for protein-gel formation and subsequent characterization of the gels formed during this process.

Today's Objective

  • Begin a gel synthesis reaction, removing mercury while holding all other conditions constant.

Protocol (Sample: JCS 13)

  1. 5 mL of 15 mg/mL BSA were prepared (0.0750 g in 5mL of millipore water)
  2. An additional 5 mL of DI Water were added to the 5 mL of BSA solution stirring vigorously in a 50 mL round-bottom flask
  3. One drop of 1 M NaOH was added to the stirring solution. Test with a pH strip indicated a pH of 10
  4. This began at 2:30 pm. As of right now, the plan is to add 4 ml of 20 mM sodium sulfide tomorrow after stirring for 24 hrs.

Next Steps

After adding the sodium sulfide and stirring for an additional 15 minutes, the solution will be dried on the rotovap (utilizing a water bath of approximately 40°C). The dried residue will be rehydrated to attempt gel-formation. Any resulting structures will be analyzed via DSC and pXRD.