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  • Begin new syntheses of HgS QDs to determine why all prior syntheses have not worked. After critically re-reading the original protocol, I have decided to retry the syntheses in glass vials. One reaction will involve 5 mM Hg(NO3)2 being added to 15 mg/ml BSA. The other reaction will add the solutions in reverse. These will be performed at room temperature. An additional synthesis will be performed (with Hg(NO3)2 being added to BSA) in the cold room. It is possible that the more-controlled environment will assist in developing reproducible syntheses.
  • Rotovap the BSA solution prepared last week to test hydrogel formation.


  • The syntheses were performed using the original protocol. Not one of the three samples fluoresced under the UV-light. All were dark brown upon completion. They are currently being stored in the cold room.
  • Upon rehydration, the rotovapped BSA did form something like a gel strcuture, but it is loose and unlike the structures formed from the rotovapped QD samples (JCS 4 & 5).