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  • Start new QD synthesis at a lower temperature
  • Acquire UVVIS and fluorescence emission data
  • Continue precipitation of JCS 1 and JCS 2

Synthesis Protocol

  1. Create 15 mg/mL solution of BSA in HPLC grade water
    1. .1540 g of BSA in 10.267 mL of water
  2. Add 5 mL of BSA solution and 5 mL of previously prepared 5mM HgNO3 solution
  3. Add 60 μL of ~1M NaOH to reaction while stirring
    1. pH was 9
  4. Time reaction started: 12pm
  5. Mantle Setting: 10. Temperature: 37 °C


BSA HgS QDs UVVIS 09242014.png BSA HgS QDs UVVIS zoomed 09242014.png BSA HgS QDs FL 09242014.png