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April 3, 2015

  • absorption
  • FTIR


Procedure adapted from | Kuo-Ying Amanda Wu and Keith D. Wisecarver (1992), | Idirs et al. and Hydrolysis of liquid pineapple waste by invertase immobilized in PVA–alginate matrix<br.> <br.> <br.> <br.> Malachite Green for Absorption

  • 2000 ppm stock actual concentration (calculated): 1523 ppm
    • 0.5253 mL 1523 ppm stock in 10 mL to make 80 ppm solution
    • 152.3 ppm stock from last time to make 200 ppm solution
    • 52.53 uL 152.3 ppm stock in 10 mL to make 8 ppm solution
    • 0.1313 mL 152.3 ppm stock in 10 mL to make 2 ppm solution

<br.> <br.> Rhodamine 6G for Absorption

  • 1 mL 1 mM R6G in 5 mL to make 0.02 mM solution


  • beads rehydrate so quickly!
  • run at least one XRD sample at VERY high resolution with expanded range
  • run XRD of plain PVA (20-25), Alg, and NaMT (8, 6 > when inter-colated; we have: 8.5, 20, 28, 35.5)
    • look up pure PVA crystalline XRD to see if we have any in our structure
  • Imaging of R6G beads
  • observation of absorption beads: about half the beads absorb malachite green/R6G (seen by color change) and half remain white. the beads that absorb float while the one that don't sink.