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Determine the BPA absorption of films


  1. PVA Absorption against BPA
    1. Making the BPA
      1. 10.4mg of BPA and dissolved in 5mL of Methanol
      2. once dissolved, diluted in 1000mL volumetric flask using DI water
    2. Preparing Vials
      1. Vials were massed with and without films
      2. 10mL of BPA was added to each vial
      3. Measurements are to be taken at various increments
  2. Finishing Exchanged Clay
    1. after drying, the exchange clays were scraped off of the watch glass
    2. they were pulverized with a mortar and a pestle
    3. completed were Choline Chloride and TBHT exchanged clays


' ' Mass (g) Volume (ml) Density (g/ml) ' Average
PVA-Clay 1 0.04610 0.0370 1.245945946
PVA-Clay 2 0.10271 0.0832 1.234495192 1.263170302
PVA-Clay 3 0.11258 0.0860 1.309069767
PVA 1 0.03294 0.0253 1.301976285
PVA 2 0.03726 0.0222 1.678378378 1.580299627
PVA 3 0.05176 0.0294 1.760544218


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