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To determine the standard potential of Horseradish Peroxidase via redox titration.


  1. The procedure followed was taken from Prof. Hartings' notebook. The amount of sodium dithionite added to the cell was adjusted in the middle of experimentation as feedback was received. The amounts and concentrations of sodium dithionite added were meticulously recorded by each lab group.


  • The class data was collected and analyzed:

CHEM571 09.18.13 potassiumHRP Echem REDOX table.png CHEM571 09.18.13 potassiumHRP Echem REDOX graph.png


The % Oxidized was determined by using the absorbance peaks at 405.32 nm:

[(Absorbance Value for data pt- Absorbance Min)/(Absorbance Max- Absorbance Min)]*100

where the maximum absorbance was assumed to represent 100% oxidized and the minimum absorbance was assumed to represent 100% reduced. The % Oxidized was subtracted from 100 to calculate the % reduced.