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SJK Incomplete Feedback Notice
Incomplete Feedback Notice
My feedback is incomplete on this page for two reasons. First, the value of the feedback to the students is low, given that the course is over. Second, I'm running out of time to finish grading!
SJK 22:27, 19 December 2009 (EST)
22:27, 19 December 2009 (EST)
  • As always when dealing with electricity, use caution when dealing with large amounts of current and voltage, making sure not to touch any exposed metal especially when inserting and removing banana clips.
  • Consistently check the temperature of the capacitors as the AC transformer can easily overload the capacitors and burn them out or if the capacitors are connected in reverse they can easily be damaged.


  • Hewlett-Packard Triple Output Supply, Model 6236B
  • ESR Adapter, GMBH 51456
  • Dual Display Multimeter, Model Fluke 45
  • ESR Basic Unit, Model GMBH 51455
  • Digital Volt Meter, Model Wavetek 85XT
  • Special dual adapter for FLUKE Dual Display Multimeter
  • Phase Shifter
  • 2 Helmholtz Coils, Model GMBH 55506
  • 2 Capacitors 25v470 uF
  • Tektronix Oscilloscope, Model TDS 1002
  • Variac Autotransformer, Model W5MT3
  • Banana Cables
  • SOAR DC Power Supply, Model PS-3630
  • Transformer (6.3V-117V)


Procedure was completed as explained in Prof Gold's Lab Manual


Figure 1: Electron Spin Resonance Setup


Figure 2: Coil Close up


Figure 3: Coils


{{#widget:Google Spreadsheet

key=tlj6B2JqdzR3BWPWDmEhtSA width=600 height=800


Coil 1

gs = 1.749 (0.014)

gs % error = 12.68%

Coil 2

gs = 1.762 (0.047)

gs % error = 12.03%

Coil 3

gs = 1.825 (0.017)

gs % error = 8.89%


Figure 4: Coil 1 current vs frequency


Figure 5: Coil 2 current vs frequency


Figure 6: Coil 3 current vs frequency


Electron Spin Resonance Summary


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