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E/M Summary

SJK Incomplete Feedback Notice
Incomplete Feedback Notice
My feedback is incomplete on this page for two reasons. First, the value of the feedback to the students is low, given that the course is over. Second, I'm running out of time to finish grading!
SJK 22:29, 19 December 2009 (EST)
22:29, 19 December 2009 (EST)
error only 5%? I'm guessing you meant uncertainty? Whereas discrepancy (difference from accepted value) is surely larger than that?

The focus of this lab was to use an electron gun to accelerate elections into a uniform EMF created by Helmholtz coils, which were used to bend the electrons. I alternated the amount of voltage fed to the electron gun which produced the R^2 vs Voltage graph which displays the slope of E/M. Then I alternated the amount of current fed to the Helmholtz coils which produced the 1/Radius vs Current graph which displays the slope of E/M. Considering the amount of possible error in this experiment, I feel my error of only ~5% wasn't to significant and could be related to a few issues discussed in my conclusion.


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