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  • Determine the mass of the Dried Au Nanofibers
  • Create new AuNPs


  1. Determine the mass of the Dried Au Nanofibers
    1. After evaporating all H2O from the samples, the mass was determined and the mass of the weigh boat subtracted
    2. The yield of the reaction is very small


Au Nanofiber Mass

  • Boat A: 2.3428g
    • Nanofibers: 3.4mg
  • Boat B: 2.3712g
    • Nanofibers: 5.7mg
  • Total Nanofibers: 9.1mg


The mass of nanofibers is representative of 10, 5mL preparations of the Au Nanofibers. Also the colloid solution formed fibers. The cutoff point is 35:1, so skirting that line risks fiber formation rather than colloid.