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  • Dry out the Au nanofibers
  • Assist Khyra on her reaction
  • Assist Alicia on her reaction


  1. Dry the Au Nanofibers
    1. After drying, the weigh boats were massed. Those values can be found below
    2. Au nanofibers were vortexed in their original test tubes to break up fibers
    3. Nanofibers were poured into the weighboats to dry.
      • Water will evaporate over the weekend. If the water is not gone they will be placed in the oven and dried.
  2. Khyra's procedure for the day may be found here.
  3. Alicia's procedure for the day may be found here.
  4. Synthesize new AuNPs and AuNFs
    1. The procedures for this synthesis may be found here.
      • 20 5mL samples of AuNPs and 20 5mL samples of AuNFs were synthesized


Weigh Boat Masses

  • A: 2.3394g
  • B: 2.3655g


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