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  • Assist Khyra in the oxidation of benzhydrol
  • Create a procedure for drying and quantifying the gold nanofibers


  1. Oxidation of Alcohol
    • The calculations and procedure for this experiment may be found here.
  2. Drying of Gold Nanofibers
    1. Dry the weigh boats
      • In order to accurately weigh the gold nanofibers we need to get rid of all the water on the weigh boats. The weigh boats are being dried over night. We are doing this by evaporation in a vacuum oven. Instructions for the vacuum oven are as follows:
      1. Set the Temperature to the first notch, keeping it low so the plastic doesn't melt
      2. Close the vent
      3. Open the vacuum
      4. Turn the oven on
      5. Turn the vacuum on
        • If the pressure gauge does not move, you must push on the door until the vacuum is able to hold the door closed on its own.
    2. Drying the Nanofibers will take place tomorrow


  • Add data and results here...


We are still waiting for all of the necessary chemicals to arrive in the mail. So far Khyra's reagents are the only ones available so we will be assisting her for the time being.