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  1. Ran Titration Analysis on KI-Colloid dialysis
  2. Ran Bradford Analysis on KI-Colloid dialysis


  1. Titration
    1. Added 3mL 1M HNO3 and 0.5mL KI solution to 10mL DI H2O
    2. Added 2 mL AgNO3 and swirl to complete precipitation
    3. Added 200 μL Ferric alum indicator
    4. Titrate with your NH4SCN solution
  2. Ran Bradford Analysis on KI-Colloid dialysis
    1. As expected, the Bradford analysis held a constant protein concentration
      • Lysozyme is too big to pass through the 3500 MWCO so it was constant on one side
      • KI is not expected to react with lysozyme so protein concentration was not affected



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