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  1. Stock solutions were produced to use in titration the next week
  2. A dialysis of 0.6 g/L Lysozyme vs HCl using MWCO 20000 was made


  1. Producing the Stock Solutions
    1. Stock solutions produced from Dr. Fox's directions are as follows:
      • 30mL of 50mM KI Solution
      • 50mL of 75mM AgNO3 Solution
      • 100mL of 10mM NH4SCN Stock Solution


KI Solution

  • 0.249g of KI in 30mL of H2O

AgNO3 Solution

  • 0.637g of AgNO3 in 50mL of H2O

NH4SCN Stock Solution

  • 0.07612g of NH4SCN in 100mL of H2O


There is much to be done but morale is high.