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  1. Dialysis of protein and colloid against different dialyzing solutions


  1. Dialysis
    1. prepared 500mL of 50mM NaCl
    2. prepared 1L of 50mM Glycine buffer, pH 3.5
      • used 0.4mL 0.95M HCl and 0.37513 g glycine
    3. Prepared 25mL of 1g/L Lysozyme
    4. Dialyzed 4mL of lysozyme in about 3 inches of dialysis tubing
      • prepared a 3500 g/mol MWCO tube for NaCl, Glycine, and HPLC water soaks
      • prepared a 25k g/mol MWCO tube for Glycine Soak
    5. also dialyzed 4mL of a colloid solution in 3500 g/mol MWCO tube for Glycine soak
  2. Creating Calibration Curves
    1. Calibration curves of pH and conductivity were created for both NaCl and Glycine buffer
      • 15mL of 2x, 5x, 10x, 50x, 100x, 200x, and 500x dilutions


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