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  1. Take the UV-VIS spectra of amino acid solutions that were produced on September 3.
  2. Fluorescence of Amino Acids
  3. Repeat kinetics experiment originally preformed on August 27


  1. Take the UV-VIS spectra of amino acid solutions that were produced on September 3.
    • 2-3 mL samples of each of the amino acid stock solutions were loaded into polystyrene cuvettes, one at a time, and the data gathered was used to create the graphs below.
  2. Fluorescence of Amino Acids
    1. A fluorescence spectrum of 81.2nM L-Tryptophan was run at a wavelength of 275nm.
      • the concentration used resulted from a 2500:1 dilution of a 203μM solution of L-Tryptophan
      • L-Tryptophan was the only amino acid that produced significant results with UV-VIS, hence the only one that required a fluorescence
  3. Repeated kinetics experiment
    1. 0.5mL HAuCl4 was put in 5 test tubes
    2. enough lysozyme was added to make a [Au]:[Lysozyme]=30 solution.
      • The chart in the notes segment illustrates concentrations necessary.
    3. Test tubes were covered with foil and placed in an 80°C hot water bath.
    4. Measurements were taken every 20 minutes on the UV-VIS
      • Measurements were taken from 800-260nm


Amino Acid Absorbance Spectrum

Absorbance of Glycine Solution
Absorbance of L-Cysteine Solution
Absorbance of L-Glutamine
Absorbance of L-Lysine Solution
Absorbance of L-Tryptophan Solution
Fluorescence Spectrum of L-Tryptophan

Kinetics spectrum

Kinetics of AuNP Formation with Lysozyme


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