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  1. Finish Second Round of Titrations


  1. Finish the Second Round of Titration
    1. Initially only 6 titrant data points were taken in order to determine where the inflection point would be.
    2. The next round of titrations works in smaller increments to set up a more accurate curve

Amino Acid Titration Data

  • Note - The first calibration of the pH detector did not register. These are single calibration titrations.
  • Note - All 2nd trials were preformed with 1mL 1M HCl rather than the original 10mL.

Cysteine pH table.jpg

  • During the second titration, 15mL of DI water was used

Glutamine pH table.jpg

  • During the second titration, 20mL of DI water was used

Glycine Table.png

Lysine pH table.jpg

Tryptophan pH table.jpg

  • During the first titration, 2mL of 1M HCl and 20mL of DI water was used
    • There is no pH data for the first titration because too much HCl was added
  • During the second titration, the mass of Tryptophan was cut from 0.6044g to 0.2015g to make dissolving in solution more practical
    • 1mL of HCl and 27mL of DI water were used

Amino Acid Titration Curves

L Cysteine Titration Curve.png L Glutamine Titration Curve.png Glycine Titration Curve.png L Lysine Titration Curve.png L Tryptophan Titration Curve.png