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  • Begin another batch
  • Learn how to use the extruder
  • Make an ABS pellet (D) filament
  • Prepare D Filament for DSC


  1. New Batch
    • This batch will be used for Filament B. It utilized 50.444g ABS
  2. Extruder instrutions will be posted on the Instrument Page
  3. D Filament
    • Pellets were run through the extruder and a filament was obtained.
    • A sample was prepared for DSC.


  • D Filament - DSC
    • Pan/Lid: 52.87mg
    • Pan/Lid Sample: 57.77mg
    • Sample: 4.9mg


If you don't finish a batch, that's ok. Leave it covered over the weekend and it will dissolve on it's own. Nifty!