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  • Make a batch (A)
  • Start DSC and FTIR
    • of ABS beads, 1%, 5%, 10%


  • Batch A
    1. 50.036g of ABS beads were added to 500mL of Acetone
    2. Mixture was sonicated at 69°C for 225 minutes

  • DSC
    1. Tzero pans and hermetic lids were weighed and a ≈5mg sample was added. Actual values may be viewed on the table below.
      • Samples were either an ABS bead or 1%, 5%, 10% TiO2 ABS filament
    2. The runs followed the following procedure:
      • Jump to 20°C
      • Isothermal at 20°C for 2 min
      • Ramp 5°C/min until 140°C
      • Isothermal at 140°C for 2 min
      • Ramp 5°C/min until 110°C
      • Isothermal at 110°C for 10 min
      • Ramp 5°C/min until 20°C
      • Repeat cycle 2 times


Sample Slot # Pan/Lid (mg) Pan/Lid/Sample (mg) Sample (mg)
ABS Bead 2 52.66 57.27 4.61
1% 3 52.08 56.82 4.74
5% 4 52.03 56.61 4.58
10% 5 52.49 57.41 4.92


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