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Things not not be forgotten

  • Protein Folding - TIBS 25, Aaron R. Dinner et al. Understanding protein folding via free-energy surfaces from theory and experiments
  • Protein folding and misfolding: Christopher M. Dobson. Nature, 2003, Vol. 426.
  • Open Modelica - Peter Fritzon.
  • Bistability and positive feedback in genetic networks, harvard may 2006, phD thesis.
  • Suscripción a Science.
  • Finalizar reporte sobre proteínas - Pablo.
  • Estructurar el equipo de Biología sintética.
  • Manual netlogo.
  • Naked rats: Rochelle Buffenstein, J Comp. Physiol 178: 439-445.,
  • Carlon and Doyle: Highly optimized Tolerance, the power of design by Mark Newman, Santa Fe Institute.
  • Dither y oscilaciones - nocion de friccion en biologia.
  • Anna Nagurney, redes en tráfico.
  • Cytoscope user manual.
  • To prepare meeting with René.