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Concrete goals for each project

  • Biological Modeling:
    • To be accepted as a modeler of biological systems (Harvard and MIT people).
    • To be included in modeling task in biology (Harvard and MIT projects).
    • To create models for epigenetic based properties of biological systems (Jablonka).
    • To conceive a platform for experimental; validation for dynamical responses of bacteria and mammalian cells (including microfluidic technology as well as computer based modeling -Kappa, little-b, Modelica- and bioinformatics), centered around cancer molecular medicine and research on evolution.
  • Economical resources:
    • Cinvestav-Resources (local project on systems biology, requested to René Asomoza); private resources (CARSO, international awards; Mexico City government -synthetic biology, maybe consider a project around yogurt and medical applications, so it would be convenient to contact MIT guys-).
  • Protein Stuff and Experimental Training:
    • Increase my level of training on tissu culture and thi kind of things (constructions of the vector is an important preliminary thing)
  • Robustness:
    • Develop an experimental project around robustness as a conserved quantity (it seems that at this level the best thing to do is to follow a philogenetic approach using existing bioinformatics approaches).
    • To have a deepest insight in robustness measurements (why not to tackle robustness in social systems, in this case the paper by Jessica Flack and Krakauer on power and networks could be useful).
  • Network Theory:
    • Connected with the previous point, it would be important to seee at what level the robustness of a power networks can be guaranteed and how to measure it.
  • Evolution and Learning:
    • Build the Burtzev algorithm in NetLogo.
    • Define the charcateristics of a possible experiment using the Jablonka Model.
    • Simulate the Jablonka cellular memory system.
    • Contact Drew Endy from Stanford to have his opinion about this question.