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Software for research on Complex Networks

I was looking today for a tool to work with complex networks. Finally I found a Matlab ToolBox in At the beginning I was following the R tutorial and I found it very interesting, but I think it would ne necessary to have more time for this. Maybe I will continue with R when beingh in Mexico, and maybe I will organize a national group to work in this domain. IU think that the possible subjects of research for this group will be the following ones:

  1. Economic systems.
  2. Political systems.
  3. Traffic of drugs Networks.
  4. Patterns of destruction of civic rules.
  5. All kind of possible networks.

I will propose this subject to people working in the ITAM and in the UNAM, as well to people working in advanced software tools.

Well, that is the future, now the present:

I also found some mathematica applications which are in the website of Wolfram. There is an interesting programa there developed by Ali Saberi (Media:saberi.pdf). It seems that one future leader in the overlap between complex networks and control and a possible contact for all what concerns design in networks is Yan Wan, now a PhD student at Washington State University, her website is the following one: I think that for the purpose of my research in networks is better to use Matlab, ask to Yan Wan what does she thinks about the thing that I want to do. The e/mail of Yan Wan is the following one:

Inheritance Systems

By the moment I know that there exists different inheritance systems:

  1. Genetic Inheritance System. This concerns the DNA based system of all organisms.
  2. Epigenetic Inheritance System. This is associated to the transmission of information from mother cells to daughters cells and it is particularly important for development in multi-cellular organisms. Among the epigentic inheritance systems are the following ones:
    1. Sustained loops.
    2. Structural inheritance.
    3. Chromatin Marking Systems.
    4. RNA Interference.
  3. Behavioral Inheritance System.
  4. Social Inheritance System

I understand the two firs systems, and I will continue tomorrow with the third and the fourth one.