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The R evironment

During the day I continued working with networks. I look for a computer based tool to analyze networks in an easy way, and I found I computer platform called R (, which allows the analysis of social networks via a package called statnet ( I tried to use this tool in an apple computer, but it was not possible to compile the statnet package, which source is freely available (a tutorial for statnet is here: Media:v24i09.pdf). The R platform works OK, but without the statnet package is useless for my purpose. Fortunately I installed the systems in a PC with Windows XP and everything was OK -in this case I directly installed the binaries codes-. I was playing with a tutorial, and I think that I will continue with this today, at list have a general idea about this tool. My purpose is to see if I can use this tool to develop a measure of design in networks -maybe constrained to social networks-, based on existing measures. At the same time I am thinking that maybe the best thing to do is to built some extremely easy examples of different kinds of networks, just to illustrate the way the tool can be useful (If I obtain such a tool). I also continue playing with the many Eyes online software, but my conclusion is that the tool is interesting to make public databases organized as networks, but maybe it would be not so useful for other kind of purposes. Well, I see.

Stochastic fluctuation

I continued with my lectures concerning stochastic fluctuations, and I will continue tomorrow.