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This day I read the some chapters of the book: Evolution in Four Dimensions, by Eva Jablonka and Marion J. Lamb (MIT PRess, Cambridge Massachusetts, 2006). In essential term the book propose an updating of the evolutionary thory, in order to take into account new results coming from recent research in molecular biology. The Jablonka and Lamb turns around the inclusion of certain level of lamarckism in evolution, i.e. the structure of biological system acts as dynamical memory of the system. Well, I will continue reading this book and I will include here later a summary.

David's presentation

David presented today his work of nonlinear dynamics of cancer pathways. It was an interesting talk. When leaving the place I was thinking about the posiibility to write a short paper on the application of the concept of dithering to biological systems (the oscillatory behavior as a way to reduce "friction" in the system). I need to check if this idea has a precedent before working on it. The structure of the papoer would be the next one:

  1. Friction in mechanical systems.
  2. Dithering as a mechanism to compensate friction.
  3. The hysteretical phenomenon in cancer modified signaling pathways.
  4. A speculative explanation about the meaning of sustained oscillations (the classical approach by Goldbeter et al).
  5. Natural dithering? Oscillatory behavior?
  6. Friction as a common phenomenon.
  7. Friction and energy.