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The Networks Class

I went today to the class on Networks at Harvard John F. School of Government. It was very interesting. The mos important thing was that I learned why evolution give rise to scale free networks: because they are more robust than random networks (which is obvious, when thinking). It was also interesting to know that power laws rule this kind of networks (when considering the probability for a node to be connected to a given number other nodes). I include the following paper as a reference to Complex Networks: Reka Albert and Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, Statistical mechanics of complex netwroks, Review of Modern Physics, Volume 74, january 2002 (Media:networks.pdf). I would like to make a tour de force and have some results on science community, innovation and loss of fitness. maybe I can study the american community through papers, citations, patents and Hirch numbers, and compare this with Japan or Switzerland. Why not? <font=color"red">The most important thing is to define a fitness function to measure innovation and to link that to time via the analysis of changing patterns.