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The two feedback-loops model

When considering the results coming from the experiments carried out by David Miguez, a possible explanation comes from the modeling of the underlying biomolecular system in terms of two interacting feedback loops: a possible feedback supporting the (dominant) clockwise observed hysteretical behavior, and a negative feedback loop supporting the (dominant) counterclockwise hysteretical observed behavior. The introduction of inhibitor (of Pi3K for the first case, and mTOR for the second case). The two feedback loops model seems to correspond to the knowledge concerning the underlying system. However, it is necessary to be careful with this conceptual explanation. In order to fortify this conceptual explanation it would be conveniable to put numbers to the model, i.e. to have a quantitative model reproducing via computer simulations the observed behavior, even in an approximative way.

The friction model

For the observed clockwise hysteretical behavior I am considering a friction model (the dynamical model of friction proposed by Dahl. I will analyze the behavior of this model using Mathematica.